Thought you knew Lanzarote, think again. This magnificent island is packed full of art, culture, sporting activity and just good old fashioned entertainment.

My river runs to thee: Blue sea, wilt welcome me?
An unnatural world of cool waters and fiery mountains sprout forth in a clear Atlantic. A barren heart teaming with succulents. A world waiting to be explored by adventurers and sports seekers. A vision waiting to be realised by artists, and writers. Inspiration and exasperation abound, it is never boring nor mundane. There is nothing commonplace about this land. She beguiles and bewitches, she is sublime and ridiculous. She is loud, laid-back, liberating, lively, luxurious, lovely Lanzarote.



Warning: visitors to the island are in serious risk of remaining. It has a remarkable magnetic effect on those who come here.

kitesurf lanzarote
salt flats janubio lanzarote
monumento del campesino lanzarote
marina puerto calero lanzarote
papagayo lanzarote
jardin de cactus lanzarote
surf famara lanzarote
mirador de rio lanzarote